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dental biopsy Woodside NYThere are a variety of different types of gum biopsies that can be done to extract tissue from the mouth to test it for potential conditions. Biopsies are typically used to detect abnormal tissue in your oral cavity. If we at Woodside Dental have to perform a dental biopsy on you, it’s good to know a little bit about what you can expect. Let’s get back to basics and discuss the different types of biopsies that can be performed to remove oral tissue.

Incisional Biopsy

This is the most common type of biopsy done in the dental. During this type of biopsy procedure, a small incision will be made to remove the suspicious cells from your gums, tongue, or cheek. Once it has been removed, a pathologist will be able to take a closer look at it.

Brush Biopsy

This form of biopsy isn’t invasive at all. By taking a small brush, the dentist will brush off some cells and place them on a tray to be sent off to the pathologist for further testing.

Excisional Biopsy

An excisional biopsy involves removing an entire growth or lesion from your mouth along with any surrounding tissues that your dentist thinks needs to be tested.

Fine Needle Percutaneous Biopsy

When a patient has lesions on their mouth that is easy to see or feel, a fine needle percutaneous biopsy may be recommended. During this type of biopsy, a small needle will be inserted in the mouth to extract the tissues.

Core Tissue Percutaneous Biopsy

Similar to a fine needle percutaneous biopsy, a core tissue percutaneous biopsy involves removing cells from the mouth with a needle but a larger sample is removed.

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